Climate Change Science

May/18/2014 5:09AM
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Remember the source of climate change science, the United Nations. The organization that we host and primarily fund. Then we watch as they vote against us on most issues. The organization that would transfer wealth from the US to needier countries at every turn.

ABC News runs a nearly daily propaganda special on climate change. We are told weekly by the only president worse than Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, that it’s a done deal. Everything is blamed on climate change especially weather. If it ‘s too cold it’s climate change. If it’s too hot, it’s climate change. If it’s flooding, climate change, drought, climate change, growing ice cap, climate change, shrinking ice cap, climate change. Wild fires, climate change, drought, climate change. Bad hurricane season, climate change, no hurricanes, climate change.  A barrage of propaganda of this magnitude I’ve never seen in my lifetime.

I sometimes feel like Henry Fonda in the movie, Twelve Angry Men. He held out against the rest of the jurors because the facts didn’t add up. The facts of climate change don’t add up for me.

Here are some facts. Six tenths of one degree Fahrenheit increase from 1980 to 2000. But, there was a similar warming between 1900 and 1940 with fossil fuels not being a factor. Since 2000 there has been zero increase in temperature despite the predicted one degree increase from the UN scientists and their models that have only one candidate for any change in temperature, fossil fuels. Net temperature increase in 33 years, six-tenths of one degree.

When the UN models fail to meet projections, they just jiggle the model and push the date out for the temperature increases. When the Pacific Ocean cools, they have an explanation.

This is a” bet the farm” deal. If wrong, we have bet the US economy on UN scientists from countries that don’t like the US economy and how it kicks their asses. If we stopped buying into the idea and began drilling and producing goods again we would be the ass-kicking economy of the world again.

Like Henry Fonda, I’m willing to convict. But, I need more evidence. This is not science, it’s well-paid scientists who create models that kick out their desired results. It’s liberals who want income re-distribution, it’s a media who wants anything democrats want, and it’s the damned UN, after all.

Does it make sense to ignore the $17 trillion dollar debt and add to that immediate problem by spending billions for something that may or may not be a problem in 100 years? Especially when other countries wipe out our progress in their efforts to improve their lifestyle while ours plummets?

I’m sorry, I’m a retired businessman who never signed a deal until I bought the numbers. How do you sell a deal when the numbers you predict never happen and nothing changes for 33 years despite your “sky is falling” or, Al Gore’s famous glacier is sinking into the sea, warning. An inconvenient untruth so far.

I am pleased to see a prominent politician have the courage to speak out and echo my sentiments. Marco Rubio went on record saying he isn’t buying the climate change scare tactics.

Another politician who never speaks the truth, our President, in one day took a victory lap for what the oil industry has done on private lands with fracking, despite Obama ,and that same day attacked all things hydrocarbon with his new fright program. What a phoney. The fact that Obama touts climate change should be sufficient proof to disbelieve. Keeping your doctor, are you?

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