A Generation of Robots

May/15/2014 5:11AM
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A very touching video. Sad, but true. My grandkids are addicted to the phone and texting. I look at old pictures of us when we got together as recently as 8 years ago and there are no phones. Today, a picture like that is impossible. Everyone but the youngest has a smart phone and all can text under the table.

Human communications are becoming as extinct as cursive writing. Kids playing outdoors are unusual sightings.  Electronic communications are becoming the only way to communicate.  Do I care that Jane was so excited about her filet at the Roadhouse last night that she took a picture and posted it on Facebook? I read where a young lady got a robotic hand and if her story get’s a million tweets the manufacturer will donate another robotic hand to another deserving person. Nice little one million person mailing list to be used and sold.

There were three incidents last week of grade schoolers and middle schoolers in the Chicago area sending nude pictures on Facebook. And, one where grade schoolers were watching porn on a phone during recess.

Are the electronic gadgets taking over our kids and grandkids. Or, even our lives? We watch TV with a phone and an iPad or lap top. Multi-tasking.

This can’t have a good ending, can it?’

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