US Post Office Address Change Process

April/10/2014 5:58AM
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If you happen to live one place in the winter and elsewhere the rest of the year you get to appreciate our money losing postal system. You have to manage having your mail forwarded from one place to another, then reversed.

You can do this on line, amazing that our post office is better than ObamaCare. But, wait. If you Google the USPS and address change, this is what you get. The first three options are all scams. They will upcharge you for brokering your deal with the Post Office. I haven’t gone far enough to see what the charge might be, but I’ve read where people who have complained say it’s as much as $20. A lot to save a trip to the Post Office vs. the Post Office charge of $1.20.

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    Why would the USPS let the scam artists jump in front of them and take advantage of people who are already facing the stress of moving. It’s the government and they are incompetent and indifferent about things like this.

    Now, to the business of getting the address changed. It’s easy on the front end. You can go right in and start the forwarding. You can make it temporary or permanent. Unless, of course, your stay at the second address is longer than the six month limit the USPS puts on a temporary move. So, you can start the forwarding from the winter address, but can’t stop it when you plan to return.

    So, come January when you want to stop the mail at the summer house and start the forwarding from there to the winter headquarters, you have a problem. You needed to go back into the forward order at the winter house and stop it before you leave to go back there. If you wait too long now you have a gap where mail will go from the winter address to the summer address and back again. All because your USPS will not give you enough time to do it without you having to set up a reminder on your calendar to accommodate them.

    It’s time to sell the USPS to someone who can run it right and not lose money.

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