The Govenment Group Assigned to Manage Your Health Care

April/29/2014 5:26AM
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Here they are, the great and wonderful organization that will manage this nation’s health care under ObamaCare.

Yes, the IRS. The group that just announced, well they didn’t announce, they were outed,  the fact that they didn’t get all their computers converted to Windows 7 even though they knew the deadline set by Microsoft in 2008. So, the IRS will spend $11.4 million of your tax dollars ever year with Microsoft to keep them patched to Windows XP. For how many years, we don’t know? Also, there are security risks associated with using the obsolete system that is no longer being protected by Microsoft. Just a little oversight, no reason to think there is incompetence in the agency.

We do know there was criminal activity. We knew that when Lois Lerner took the 5th to avoid answering questions about targeting conservative organizations for unfair treatment. I’m sure that the IRS won’t keep records on how you vote and take that into consideration when you need that big surgical procedure to stay alive.

One more recent item about how the IRS is run, or isn’t run. It was just discovered that 2,800 IRS workers who had been penalized for various misdeeds were awarded $2.8 million in bonus awards between October 2010 and December 2012. Nice deal. You can be suspended or disciplined and still get a performance award at the IRS.

I’m sure this is why Obama picked the IRS to run his signature health care plan. So, he will hire 50,000 more IRS employees to miss deadlines and pay penalties, go after Obama’s political enemies, and get bonuses for blatant job discipline issues.

What other agency could he have picked? The USPS, the agency that loses billions every year. The agency whose union wants to boycott Staples because the USPS has a contract with them to do some outsourcing that will save millions in additional losses every year. If you like what Staples is doing to save waste, buy from Staples. Show another union what you think of their tactics.

Health and Human Services, the agency that screwed up the roll out of ObamaCare?

The Veterans Administration that let’s hundreds of vets die every year waiting for medical attention?

The Secret Service, the party boys that refuse to pay hookers and pass out in hallways while traveling with the president. Is it me or is this just a new problem under this president?

Homeland Security that scrapped billions in new body scanners?

State Department that let 4 people die in Benghazi?

Department of Education that spends billions so we can be 20th in the world on student testing?

I guess it really doesn’t matter. Anywhere we put our health care future under ObamaCare and the leaderless Obama administration, it will be a mess.

Stay well, my friends.

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