Obama Rolls Sevens

April/14/2014 5:22AM
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President Obama is rolling sevens in his latest public misinformation campaign.

Following up on “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”, is hard, but not for this president.

First, there’s the seven million who have enrolled on ObamaCare. If you believe this, maybe your can keep your doctor, even after the insurance company tells you no, the doctor’s office tells you no, and the ObamaCare hot line tells you no. Maybe if  you  go to your doctor with a certified check for $30K, and he can use it like an attorney uses a draw, you can keep that doctor. Otherwise, at some point, you must realize your president lied to you. See, no one will give you any details on the so-called seven million enrollees. Many have not paid and don’t intend to pay. Many others were kicked off their previous insurance plan and had to go here. Estimates of enrollees who are new to insurance or were denied insurance before for health or financial reasons are as low as 50-500K. Is this why we destroyed the entire health care model in America? Is this reason for a victory lap?

Obama rolls the dice again and they come up sevens again. He says women’s pay is 77 cents for every dollar paid to men. That’s true for his White House staff. He will have his professional liar Jay Carney defend this by saying that’s apples and oranges. Comparing pay for different jobs, not pay for the same job.

Let’s look at the 77 cent number and see if we can determine how Obama came up with that number. Did someone actually take every job in America and see what a man is paid on that job vs. a woman on the same job. Do companies really have two pay scales, one for men and one for women. My experience is a little dated, but the last company where I worked was strident about diversity. Women and minorities got the nod when hiring. They got the nod when promotions were considered. Pond scum was white males under 50 with no disabilities. I can’t imagine how a number like this can be determined without more work than anyone can afford to develop a true number.

I don’t question the glass ceiling. Not for one minute. But, women did not get serious about entering the workplace on an education and ambition basis until 40 years ago. It takes time to develop equality in a country this size. My brother-in-law is a veterinarian. He had his own practice and had trouble hiring graduate veterinarians. The majority of new graduates are women. But, almost none wanted to work full-time. How do these ObamaNomics accommodate those anomalies?

The truth of the matter is there is no truth in this matter. Nor, is there is much of what this president promotes.

But, America is on to  him. We don’t believe a number that passes his lips or a word that trips from his teleprompter.

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