The United States under Dictatorship

March/02/2014 9:35AM
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Tipping, tipping, falling, falling, that’s the sound of the United States Constitution these days. We all learned in civics class about the three branches of government and how they keep each other honest. It’s never worked smoothly, but this is the first time a potential dictator has emerged. Obama refuses to work with congress and the supreme court has become less relevant. Although this week they are addressing the issue of carbon emissions and whether the president, despite congress, can force the entire country to conform to his level of carbon emission tolerance.

So, the president tells the country he will rule the country and no one gets upset. Do you really want the most inept president in history to be your dictator? Do you want him to just enforce his bad judgment at his will? Do you want to see what separates us from Cuba go away?

Somewhere it has to start. Someone must say, sorry Mr. President, you will live by the rules of the Constitution and you won’t arbitrarily  just do whatever you choose. We don’t want a dictator and if we did, we would choose someone better equipped than you. You have a 42% approval rating and you want us to let you do whatever you choose?

Thomas Paine said, ” The duty of a patriot is to protect his county from his government”.

Wake up folks. We need both the legislative branch and the judicial branch to pass whatever they need to pass to stop this. We need to take away Obama’s options, not increase them. Executive orders, sorry, none, none for you Obama. Come down off the high horse and get your lazy ass over to the House and the Senate and do some smoozing if you want something passed. Or, invite them up to our house, get the” our”, Barack, not your house. You are our guest and soon you will be living in your house and we will have someone else in our house.

Wake up folks, this man is trying to take over this country.  What would you trust him to do now that you know him better? Spend a near-trillion dollars(stimulus bill), balance a budget($17 trillion and counting), invest for you(Solyndra), run a business (post office), manage foreign relations(Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq), build a website(ObamaCare), hold people accountable( Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, Benghazi, ObamaCare, NSA, etch, no one fired), close Gitmo, or you name it. What could you trust him to do. Not tell you the truth-“-like your doctor, keep your doctor, etc”.

Let’s go back where the founding fathers put us with the Constitution. Stop the power grab at the top of the house and restore order. Let’s do it now when we have a  president no one trusts or believes can do much right. Any president from now on wants something done, do it the way the Constitution says it must be done. No shortcuts, called executive orders. NONE.

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