Here’s How You Get Spun

March/22/2014 5:08AM
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I’m going to make this short and sweet. Here’s some highlights from the front page headline article from the Arizona Republic dated March 16, 2014. It says: “Enclave grids for the fight  of its life”, sub-headline: “Power=plant plans on collision course with rural lifestyle.” First two paragraphs: “Bouse-The light breeze spreads a coud of yellow pollen from rows of scraggly jojoba bushes. As he bounces along in a pickup, Kerry Strarr watches over workers preparing for the summer harvest.

Things are looking good at the farm outside Bouse, about an hour south of Lake Havasu city, which makes the news rippling   through this remote desert area so troubling.”

What is it? A disease sweeping the area? A mass murderer at large? Nope, worse than that, APS, the Arizona utility company is offering to buy land to build either a natural gas or nuclear power plant. The story goes on to describe the hardships this will cause for the people who live here. Pictures and interviews make the case that this is far worse than disease, pestilence, or crime.

Terrible, terrible, and worse.

Now, let’s try a different approach.

The people of Arizona are facing a power shortage down the road. As the population grows the demand for power will outstrip current supply. Aging nuclear plants may need to be closed in the next ten years.

It is encouraging to know the utility company, APS, is planning ahead. The company is working with landowner near Bouse to purchase enough land to build either a natural gas or nuclear plant to provide the much-needed power we will require ten years from now. APS advises that it will take at least that long to acquire the permits to build either type of facility. (Gee, I wonder why).

Obama says there are no shovel ready options in this country today.

What is the major reason for that? You just read why we have no progress in this country today. Minds  are warped by everything we read and hear and see in the media. You are told daily that progress is bad. You are buying into the elimination of manufacturing in America. You are believing your grand kids can live in a cave.

Get real people writers like this one with single digit IQ’s are selling you snake oil and you are buying and drinking it every single day. Before you drink any more, use some common sense. Arizona will need power to replace closed plants and for increased populations. It’s not going to be provided by the Arizona Republic, which is teetering on bankruptcy from inept management. It’s going to come from APS and they need a place to build such a plant. And, they need ten years to plan because we have drunk the snake oil so long we have built-in that kind of lead time to get approval to build any kind of power plant.

Can you say Keystone Pipeline. Let’s piss off our best neighbor, Canada, so you can drink some more snake oil. Maybe Russia can broker a truce with Canada over this. Let’s load some more crude oil on another train that will derail so Warren Buffet can make another billion dollars. Let’s watch as Russia threatens to shut off the natural gas to Europe to get them to agree to his land grab. Let’s give the Saudi’s a few billion more for crude rather than give it to the Canadians. Snake oil, you’re not drinking it, you’re chugging it here.

Believe me you are far smarter than the person who spun the article about the APS plant plans. You’re even smarter than Obama, who is selling you snake oil by the barrel. Wise up, your grand kids aren’t equipped to live in a cave.

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