And the Number One Terrorist Threat to America Is………

February/19/2014 5:40AM
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Not those who hate us and plot to destroy us every day. Not those who we spend billions every year to seek out to prevent damage. Not the reason for the NSA snooping into our business to ferret out potential threats. Not those who came here on 9/11 and killed 2,500 Americans. Not those we sent young Americans to defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not those who attacked Benghazi and killed four brave Americans. Not those who shot up Ft. Hood and blew up innocent people at the Boston Marathon. Nope, you are not even close.

We needed our version of Frankenstein, the current Secretary of State, John Kerry, he of the fast boats, to tell us what is a far greater threat than any of those mentioned above. The Statesman who is botching the Syrian truce and the Iranian nuclear agreement and anything else he touches.

Here it is folks, in the words of the man, himself, the man who has now moved up to number two in the Obama administration on the incompetence list right behind his leader and replacing Eric Holder:


John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, has stressed the importance of tackling climate change in a speech in Indonesia, saying that it may be the world’s “most fearsome” weapon of mass destruction.

Kerry, who delivered the speech on Sunday in the capital, Jakarta, spoke critically about climate change sceptics adding that everyone and every country must take responsibility and act immediately.

“We simply don’t have time to let a few loud interest groups hijack the climate conversation,” he said, referring to what he called “big companies” that “don’t want to change and spend a lot of money” to act to reduce the risks.

He later singled out big oil and coal concerns as the primary offenders.

“The science is unequivocal, and those who refuse to believe it are simply burying their heads in the sand,” Kerry said.

He added that 97 percent of scientists who weighed in on the issue agree that the phenomenon is real, and argued that the cost of inaction to environments and economies will far outweigh the expense of reducing greenhouse gasses.

The solution, Kerry said, was a new global energy policy that shifts reliance from fossil fuels to cleaner technologies.

He said that the US president, Barack Obama, was championing such a shift and encouraged others to appeal to their leaders to join.

He spoke in at the American Centre in Jakarta a day after winning an agreement with China to co-operate more closely in reducing the effects of climate change.

‘Overwhelming scientific consensus’

Kerry arrived in Indonesia shortly after the US and China issued a joint statement on Saturday saying they had agreed on steps to carry out commitments to curb greenhouse gases that trap solar heat in the atmosphere.

The steps include reducing vehicle emissions, improving the energy efficiency of buildings and other measures, AP reported.

China and the US are the biggest sources carbon dioxide emissions and other gases that are believed to contribute to climate change.

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