America tells the World What is Best for Them

February/16/2014 5:36AM
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We can’t resist. We are the country with all the answers. The Winter Olympics prove that. We send a gay delegation to stick it to Putin on his position on gay rights. This is a sporting event, not a platform for Obama to prove he is better than Putin. Why doesn’t Obama himself get on Air Force One and go to Russia and tell Putin what he is doing wrong, why use a sporting venue for that?

When Obama first took office he sent Hillary Clinton to Canada to tell them to stop their shale oil extraction process. He won’t approve the Keystone Pipeline, not because of the pipeline, but because of the shale extraction, which he knows is bad for the planet. The sixth crude oil train car derailment in two years  just occurred in Pennsylvania. Over 2 million gallons of crude oil have spilled from these accidents. There is no sane argument for not approving the Keystone Pipeline. Yet, the president who was going to close Gitmo as his first official act, still refuses to approve the project. Flawed judgment, you bet.

He lectures us constantly. So much so that we have stopped listening. He lectures the world leaders, and they, too, have stopped listening. Congress has stopped listening. My guess, Michele stopped listening years ago, and the daughters may be doing the same as teens.

The country can ill afford the arrogance we present to the world. But, we will until this president is replaced. He truly believes he is king of the world and despite his performance and his track record, he still thinks he can draw lines in the sand, then erase them and still be the king of the world.  His domestic policies are failures. His foreign policies are failures. He is a failure. But, none of that will deter this man from his lectures.

He doesn’t make speeches, he lectures. He doesn’t say anything but he talks. He doesn’t accomplish anything, but he believes he does. He lives in some world where only community organizers can live. He hasn’t grown with the office, he has shrunk. Name one person who really looks up to this man anymore.

American is reflected by what our president does. So, we lecture the world on what they need to do. We are like an aging prizefighter who hasn’t fought in a year because we know we would lose, but we scream into the camera “we’re number one”. Mr. Gorbachev tear down that wall” was not a lecture, but a polite request that was heard. Sending Billy Jean King and Brian Boitano to the winter games in Russia is a nasty affront that says” look what I”, Barack Obama,” am  doing about gay rights in America”. Now you, Putin, ” be like me”.  Statesmanship, no, diplomacy, no, arrogant lecturing, yes. Wrong format , wrong time, wrong place, but why not screw up Russia’s winter games?

From sending the Churchill bust back to the UK to the cheesy gifts to the queen, this president has shown he is ill-prepared to deal with the job he has.

But, thankfully, we are spared one huge embarrassment. Right after receiving his Nobel Prize, Obama went to the International Olympic Committee selection committee meeting and made his pitch to have the 2016 summer Olympics in Chicago. It was his first introduction to humility. He lost. Can you imagine Obama and Rahm Emanuel showing their arrogant faces to the world if those Olympics were in Chicago in 2016?

Go ahead embarrass the country with your antics, Obama, we all expect it now and no one is getting red-faced. You will soon be gone and forgotten. Maybe building houses with Jimmy Carter, if he will let you on the site. I wouldn’t.

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