Positives for ObamaCare ?

January/06/2014 12:02PM
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The media is touting two big positives for ObamaCare. First, the emergency rooms across the country are seeing more and more patients with new Medicaid cards. Second, the number of people who have enrolled is 3 million.

Both confirm that the new movie with Will Farrell where he plays an idiot anchorman is spot on. Jeff Bezos is buying the Washington Post. Warren Buffet is buying newspapers. Why? Newspapers and TV stations are run by folks like the Will Farrell character who have come up through the ranks. They are not run by business people. Hence, you get thoughtless pieces of published news. With poorly run business that have a big upside.

Let’s look at the first example. Yes, the new holders of Medicaid cards are going to use the emergency rooms. They have been using them for years. I have a friend who is on a small town fire department board. Not only do they use the emergency rooms, they call an ambulance for a ride. It’s easier than getting a friend or family member to take them there. Before ObamaCare, the hospital and the insurance companies ate the cost of these people going to the emergency rooms. Now you eat it with your taxes. It’s yours to pay directly now not through increased health insurance costs or lower hospital profits. Is this a big plus for ObamaCare? You make the call.

Now for the 3 million enrollees. Anyone who has ever managed a business that makes sales knows the difference between prospects and sales. And, the difference between a good sale and a bad sale. The Obama administration will not tell the media whether any of those 3 million have actually laid down hard cash to buy that insurance. Hence, you may have 3 million who have filled out the paperwork.

Second, as most of us suspect, those who have laid down the cash are the sickest people is this country. God Bless that they will get medical attention, but if 5 million healthy Americans don’t lay down some cash, this is the biggest cash loser this country will ever see. And, the government of this country has some classic cash losers. So, in business terms, the 3 million sales may only be a half-million who have laid down cash for insurance. And, 100% of those may be bad sales.

You like being spun by an incompetent media, buy the hype. It’s good to think for yourself when being served a bad pitch.

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