Meddling: The New American Pastime

November/09/2013 5:26AM
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It starts with government. We destroy our healthcare system in America to solve a pre-existing condition insurance denial problem.

It culminated this week with a 310 pound NFL lineman being bullied by a smaller teammate. Bullying is now a national issue. It replaced concussions as the biggest problem in pro football. The people who set the rules for pro football have changed rules to deal with head injuries. The problem, referees can’t enforce the new rules. I have seen numerous slow-motion examples where no helmet to-helmet infractions occurred when flags were thrown. A player for the Redskins(the team name that is another problem) who was suspended for his illegal hits said he would start to hit opponents in the knees instead. He did it in the next game back from his suspension and the player he hit was lucky to escape major injury. Will the NFL now decide that type of hit is illegal too?  The NFL is contemplating eliminating kickoffs and punts because there are too many injuries.  The NFL, the most successful professional sports franchise, will soon become touch football. Will you watch that? I won’t.

The NCAA basketball committee has changed the rules for hand-checking this year. Last year’s NCAA Champion, Louisville, played an exhibition game last week. The coach, Rick Pitino, said it was an exercise in whistles and free-throw shooting. and lasted an hour longer than a normal game with all the free throws shot.  Will every sport become like golf where there are pages of rules and only professional rules officials understand them? After all, Tiger Woods had three examples of rules violations last season. Brandel Chamblee suggested Tiger cheated three times and got caught. He had to apologize to keep his broadcasting job.

Everywhere a group exists today to regulate anything they meddle. From Washington DC to your local homeowner’s association, people are adding more and more rules to be followed, putting rules upon rules. Baseball is watched less and less today. Five hour games is the big problem. The golf business is in the tank. Their new slogan:”while we’re still young”  is intended to speed up play.

Want to see what meddling is doing? Look at sports first. It’s a microcosm of everyday life.

Schools have outlawed playing tag on playgrounds or the use of a ball of any kind. Someone got hurt and sued.

We can’t take the risk out of pro foot ball. When 300 pound men run together at high-speed, injury will happen. We can’t stop bullying every place it might happen, we can’t take every risk out of life.

What we can do is take the fun out of everything from professional football, NCAA basketball, and the playground.

Watch, we’re doing it everyday.

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