It’s The Law of the Land: ObamaCare

November/24/2013 5:42AM
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When the foolish Republicans shut down the government, the President responded, “It’s the Law of the Land”

Now we learn, any law of the land that the king decides he doesn’t like, can be changed, but only by the king himself.

Want to exclude members of congress from the law?, sobeit.

Want to delay the mandate for businesses?, sobeit.

Want to exclude anyone we like or any organization that helped get me elected?, sobeit.

Unions are upset, in due time we will fix that, sobeit.

Waivers, sure if we like the group asking, sobeit.

Insurance cancellation delays: sobeit, if I don’t, I will destroy the Democratic Party, this one’s easy. After all 39 democratic House members voted for the Republican bill, racists all.

You see there is no longer a law of the land in this country, there is a king who will decide what’s best for the king and his party.  Not for the people, “let them eat cake”.

I get it and I’m going to start reflecting that in this blog. To do otherwise would risk the wrath of the King. I read where China still has over 300 labor camps where citizens are sent to get “re-educated”. I’m sure the King has plans to open one of these soon and I’m losing sleep that I might need re-education. No sweat, your majesty, I get it.

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