A Tale of Two Elderly Professionals

November/06/2013 5:44AM
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First, James Caan, Sonny Corleone from the Godfather. James got an opportunity to get back in the acting game with a new series this fall. Titled, “Back in the Game”, it was a prime time show on ABC, a network that can’t seem to get prime time figured out.

I saw Caan promoting his new show on Leno. He hardly seemed to know where he was or why he was there. He looks bad and his performance was worse than his appearance. My thought, why would anyone watch this man trying to act when he was way past his prime?

Today, the network announced the show would be cancelled after 13 episodes. That’s show business. People vote with their remote controls.

I see John McCain on TV almost weekly. He looks worse than Caan and makes less sense. He is way past his prime. He announced he plans to run for another 6 year term when this term is up.

It’s politics, not show business. We don’t vote with remote controls. As long as McCain has more campaign cash than any opponent in the primary and general election he will remain the Senior Senator from Arizona. Sad isn’t it? If more people watched McCain on TV, they would see what I see. Caan gets the boot because he can’t cut it anymore. Mc Cain will get another 6 years even if  he can’t cut it anymore.

Sad when show business has more accountability than the US Senate.

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