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October/31/2013 9:02AM
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The next time your boss calls you in because something under your direction has gone terribly wrong, look the boss square in the eye and say “no one is more frustrated than me about this”.

Be sure and let me know how this works out for you. Remember “no one you work for wants you fired” over this mess. That will give you the necessary courage to tell the boss about your frustration.

If, God forbid, you misjudged your boss on this, don’t worry. The man who invented this approach, President Obama will look out for you in your time of need. He will give you a year and a half in unemployment pay. He will give you a free cell phone. He will help you with your mortgage payments. He will provide you medical care. He will give you a food stamp card. See the old stamps were so humiliating we had to discontinue them. Now you can whip out a card just like everyone else and no one will know you’re on the dole.

After a couple of years living just as well as you did when you worked, you decide, why work–ever again. Or if an opportunity should present itself, why not work a few hours a week for cash. Just to supplement your comfortable lifestyle.

Once we get the majority of Americans comfortable with this program, two things happen. No one who doesn’t support this program will ever be elected to any office. And the growth of non-working Americans will continue as it has for the past five years.

Then we can stop Crowing about America being the best country on earth. It won’t be.

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