September 25, 2013 the Day the Federal Government Ran Out of Revenue

October/03/2013 6:45AM
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Right at about 3PM on September 25th, the feds had spent all the revenue they would take in for the year 2013. From here until the end of the year money must be borrowed to fund the bloated US federal government. Meanwhile, the fools we elected argue over keeping the spending going and growing. Obama won’t back down on ObamaCare, which will change that date in the future to an early August date. The Republicans want to try to get someone to care about our spending problem.

Obama rails at the wealthy, “fat cats” as he calls them for not giving him more tax dollars so he can spend more. It’s like your wife telling you to get that third job so she can buy some more furs and jewelry. When your household is broke in late September. Obama wants corporations to kick more. He refuses to spend less, still spending more. Nancy Pelosi says there is no more to cut. Right, Nancy.

We think the wealthy and corporations can only take so much before the system breaks down and we go into another recession or worse. If interest rates go up we can’t afford the money we’ve already borrowed. If the world stops using the dollar as its currency, we can’t simply print more between now and the end of the year to pay the bills.

No problem, say’s Obama, the community organizer. Big problem, say the more prudent who have run companies or even balanced household budgets.

Politicians say its income redistribution at it’s worst, taking from the producers and giving to the indolent.

No one speaks for the real sufferers in this grand scheme of Obama. My grandkids and yours. They are the ones we are stealing from to support this bloated government that is inefficient and produces little but more high-paid government jobs with little to show for them. People with lavish retirement plans and health insurance not purchased from ObamaCare. People who have the worst job attendance records in America, but keep those jobs due to union protection.

I really don’t care if you are a greedy shit who wants everything you can get from this government. But, I do care for my grandkids and yours. Wake up and realize what a pickle you would be in if you spent your entire income every year by late September. Then borrowed what you needed to get through the rest of the year.  We’re not economists, but we are, for the most part, practical. We can understand what doing that will mean in the future. And, it’s not going to get better, it’s going to get worse. Interest rates will go up some day. The world will grow tired of using the dollar when it’s no longer a reliable currency. Or, both.

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