Watching Chicago Become Detroit

September/22/2013 5:18AM
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Thirteen people were shot on a playground in Chicago on a nice Thursday evening. All are expected to live. But, all could have died just as easily.

The police commissioner, who is responsible for public safety, repeated the same phrase as his response: “illegal guns”. So, it’s not his problem. The mayor, who is beginning to sound more and more like Obama every day delivered a long speech about the community coming together. Not his problem either.

I have written in this blog about my years in Detroit, watching first-hand as the city self-destructed. It happened because of drugs, gangs, and crime. The same problems will do the same thing to Chicago.

When the mayor and the police commissioner are allowed to dodge accountability the problems persist and worsen.

In New York Mayor Giuliani addressed the problem and made the city safer. He did it by “stop and frisk”. Suspicious people were stopped and checked for weapons. If they had them, they were arrested and given mandatory two-year jail sentences. Judges in Chicago are letting inmates with gun violation arrests out early to commit more violent crimes.

Now, well-meaning folks in New York want to end that stop and frisk program that reduced crime. Most of those who want the process changed don’t live where crime is the worst.

Gang members sell drugs and carry guns as part of their profession.They have gang wars. They kill each other and, all too often,  innocent people on the streets including women and children. Much like the Syrian gas did. But the president, the Chicago mayor, and the Chicago police commissioner don’t draw “red lines” on gangs in America. New York did and it helped. But the new mayor there will revert to the Chicago plan which will turn Chicago into Detroit.

It’s so much easier to listen to those in charge speak about illegal guns and communities coming together than it is to reject that blather from those people who are paid to make a city safe and to tell them to stop giving us the blather and fix the problem. Like Mayor Giuliani did in New York.

Do you want political correctness and have a three-year lying in a hospital like we have in Chicago,  or do you want to declare war on gangs and drugs instead of  declaring war on Syria and to try to keep Chicago from becoming Detroit?

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