Obama Finds a Scapegoat for his Syrian War

September/02/2013 5:58AM
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Here’s the Obama pattern. Make a stupid comment during a campaign. Like chemical warfare being a red line. Then watch as Assad uses poisonous gas and deny that a red line was crossed.

When it’s crossed again, say you will make them pay. I meant all along don’t cross it twice. After you say you are going to make them pay, stop to do the polling. When the polls show the vast majority of all Americans, Democrat and Republican, think it’s a very bad idea, look for a way out. As always, find a scapegoat. This is hard this time. It’s your red line, it’s your threat, it’s your big mouth that got you into this. It’s ObamaCare all over again. Can’t vote present as you have all your life.

Wait, Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod to the rescue, as always.

Even though you sent John Kerry out there to tell the country that we are going ahead, you follow John and make him look stupid(not hard) and say you will take it to Congress. Make them the scapegoat. If they say yes, they are on the hook if it turns out bad. If they say no, they don’t care about innocent women and children.

Never, never take responsibility for anything. Always, always have someone you can blame.

What a great leader we have in Obama.

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