Amazing Grace

May/06/2013 14:42PM
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Sometimes we work too hard to find things that are not working right. In today’s cynical world negatives outweigh positives far too much.

The media is all up in arms because some funeral home in Boston agreed to bury the dead terrorist. What do they want to do with his body? Why is this an issue? Why does a small businessman in Boston have to be dragged through the mud because he agreed to do business? When has it ever been an issue who buries a killer? Who buried the shooter from Newtown?

I’m getting off the cynics train today and bringing you a nice story. My city in Illinois has enjoyed great success with their high school football teams. Winning several state championships in the past 10 years.

Last week I was in a local sub shop buying sandwiches to go. Four young men were in front of me in line. They  had their shirts and hats that identified them as high school football players. I recognized one as last year’s starting quarterback who will be back next year. Big young men who looked typical. One had a hat on backwards and another had a full beard.

As I waited for my to- go order the waitress brought their dine- in orders. They were at the table next to me. As I watched they joined hands and the quarterback led them in a prayer. I was stunned. I’ve seen families do this, I’ve seen couples do this. But, I’ve never seen four tough looking teens who will probably play college football do this. Sure, the teams do it on the sidelines before and after games. Mostly for the crowds. Here there were no crowds, no cameras, and only me and three employees who were too busy to watch.

There may be many things wrong with our country today, but there are any things right as well. I was truly moved by the four young men who chose to pray in public in a local sub shop. To me it ranks right up there with watching a half plane load of military men and women deplane at O’hare to a standing ovation by those of us waiting to board planes. You could tell those troops were truly moved by the spontaneous applause.

It’s a great country populated by great people. It’s good to remember that.

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