Walking Off Obama

April/07/2013 8:54AM
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I really started blogging when Obama and Hillary were duking it out for the Democratic nomination. My first blog, Grandparents of America Awaken is still viewable at grandparentsofamericaawaken.com.There are 463 entries posted there.  It was a place to vent concerns that that country was headed in a bad direction. When I would tell people, “my grand kids will be the first generation in this country to have a lower standard of living than their parents”, listeners would just roll their eyes. Now, I’m the listener as others tell me that all the time.

During the first Obama term I OD’d on news. Too much Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and digging around the Internet for ammunition to use in my blog. I honestly believed I was a voice to be heard in the battle to insure Obama would not get a second term. Readership kept going up but never to the point where it would make much of a difference in public opinion. The country spoke and Obama got his second term. Insuring my concern will be valid, dooming my grand kids and yours to a smaller life in this country.

When, not if, the dollar no longer becomes the international currency it will really hit the fan. No longer will our idiot politicians be able to simply print dollars to over spend budgets. Inflation will kick in as the dollar hits it true value and it will take a lot more to buy a Smart Phone for the 11 year old. And, getting more will be harder.  In a short period of time every asset you own will be worth less and the price we pay for trillion dollar a year deficits comes home to roost.

So, here’s my prescription. If it works for a 71 year old codger, it should work for you. Walk off Obama. My daughter got me a pedometer for Christmas.  I have 352 miles on it. Being 71, I don’t always remember to strap it on when I go for a walk. So, the number is well over 400 miles. I can truly say in those 400 miles I have never once thought of the mess we are making of our country. Add three workouts a week with a personal trainer and at least three rounds of golf a week, and I’m almost Obama free. I haven’t watched 2 hours of Fox news since the election.

You see, Obama is helping me stay young and healthy. The future of my grand kids is no longer my problem. It’s theirs and their parents’ problems. As the old song goes, I’m just….”stayin alive.”

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