Argument Against More Government

March/01/2013 9:59AM
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The Arizona Republic, one of the furthest left papers in the US, has been running article after article against Sequestration. Supporting the eternal campaigner, Obama, who seems to be running for reelection again, traveling around making speeches about those evil Republicans.The Arizona Republic tells readers about all the devastation sequestration will wreak in Arizona. Forgetting the billions Obama has added to the budget in 4 years, cutting back to normal will kill the Arizona economy.

In a paper with several pages dedicated to supporting Obama’s position on killing Obamas’s own program, sequestration, two articles appeared on one page. The headline on the first, was “Funded but not monitored”.  In summary it said Arizona taxpayers spent $78 million in the last three years for troubled children to receive help for addictions and behavioral problems, but did nothing to monitor results. What a revelation. A government spends millions, but doesn’t check to see it the spending generated results. All of the treatment centers were privately run on contract. In one, so many kids were scaling the fence and walking off, they considered the only solution was raising the height of the fence. You see in Arizona they know something about fences since most of the border has none.

Next to this was another headline, “Seniors failed by flu shots this year”‘ Subtitle, “CDC reports only 9% over 65 were helped”. My age group died at a rate of 116 per 100,000, a new record. Is the beginning of ObamaCare? He can reduce medical costs if he wipes out record number of seniors every year with an ineffective flu vaccine. So, once again, we spent millions to protect the most vulnerable age group from dying of influenza and record numbers died this flu season.

The very paper that beats the drum for more government reminds all of us who read the claptrap, and the paper itself,  that government doesn’t work every day, sometimes twice on the same page, yet they still support Obama’s plea not to cut the government budget.

You begin to think it’s just, support Obama, regardless of what he wants. That’s the mission statement here at the Arizona Republic and their local TV station.

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