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March/07/2013 11:30AM
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Sometimes it takes years to measure the wisdom of government. Ninety three years ago the National Park Service packed fertilized trout eggs onto mules and them into the Grand Canyon to create a recreational fishery.

Last week a crew of workers waded the stream with backpack shockers killing hundreds of Brown Trout, many generations removed from those long-ago fertilized eggs.

In the passing 99 years hundreds of American sportsmen have enjoyed the thrill of catching Brown Trout in the shadows of the Grand Canyon. If you’ve never caught a Brownie on a fly, it’s as good as it gets.

Why would the same government that created such a great free pleasure for American fishermen, decide it’s time to take it away?

Brown trout eat Humpback Chubs, that’s why. In 1920 the government didn’t know Humpback chubs existed. They weren’t a classified species. Now they are declared an endangered species. When the dam was built and Lake Powell ceated, built by the government, it cooled the river. Trout favor cool water fat assed chub minnows don’t. The government panders to the folks who look after the spotted owls and the Humpback chubs. So, the poor Brown Trout, not a native species, have to go to protect the worthless chubs. Anyone who has fished, has used chubs for bait. Brown trout really like them.

You fishermen who have enjoyed catching Brown trout in Bright Angel Creek, go elsewhere. You don’t get a vote. Environmental groups rule today and they want to protect the chubs.

The same government that spent your tax dollars to make this creek a fun place to to go will now spend some more of your tax dollars to stop the fun.

You really want more of this?

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