Sequestration is Coming

February/24/2013 9:39AM
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The Republicans did this. The middle class will suffer because the Republicans refuse to tax the rich. Words of our president. Seems to be a common theme for this president. 1. Someone else is to blame, 2. The Middle Class will suffer(translation: the 49% who don’t pay taxes will suffer) 3. Didn’t we just raise the taxes on the rich ?

Are you like me, unaware of the definition of the word sequestration? It means: the action of taking legal possession of assets until a debt has been paid or other clamis have been met. I don’t have a clue how it got used in this context. I guess our government, which has become a deadbeat government, spending more than it takes in, is seizing assets until bills can be paid.

The president and the media are all worked up over the pending consequences of Sequestration. We are told by both that the country will be at risk with the military cutbacks, the meat we eat will be tainted, we will stand in line for days at airports, and our houses will be broken into and burn down for lack of fire and police protection. Headstart will stop.

Is it just me or have we hear all of this before in a different context. Every time a local school needs to raise property taxes, it’s extracurricural activities that will go away. When the head of Homeland Security left Arizona in bad financial shape, Governor Brewer had to make cuts. The local media covered every protest and warned us the sky was truly falling in Arizona. The sky didn’t fall and the budget problem is fixed.

As a former corporate executive, I saw several 5% budget cuts enacted. We didn’t cut the essentials like the president says he must do, we cut the fat.

Local schools keep increasing pay for superintendents and principals. They keep adding buracracy and still warn it’s the football team that will suffer if homeowners don’t cough up more tax money.

The Post Office spent $30 advertising Lance Armstrong. The armed forces had a float in the last Rose Parade. Remember the Department of Defense buyng $400 toilet seats.

Or this, Hawaii Governor, Neil Abercrombie, a former congressman, noted that the cuts could lead to 19,000 workers laid off at Pearl Harbor. “That will undermine our capacity for readiness at Pearl Harbor. If that doesn’t symbolize for the nation..what happens when we fail to meet our responsibilities congressionally, I don’t know what does” Abercrobie said. Well, I’ll sleep better tonight knowing we have 19,000 people guarding Pearl Harbor. Just because we were attacked there 71 years ago makes perfect sense to me to have that many people still protecting me while I sleep. Guess that explains why we still have so many troops in Germany and South Korea as well. We just never learned how to walk away from history and look at the present and future.

Here’s the reality. If push really comes to shove, it’s this crap that gets cut. How about a few less trips for Michele on Air Force One?

How about all the wasted billions the Homeland Security Department spent on scanners that show everyone’s junk? Most were never uncrated and sit in warehouses and those that were put into use care being scrapped.

We are supposed to believe that the most inefficient institution in history, our Federal Government, has no fat to cut. Cut the fat and cut the crap.

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