Another Reason for Mass Violence in America

February/08/2013 6:52AM
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We have become a nation of depressed citizens. Record numbers of suicides. Record numbers of people on anti-depressants. New lows on national polls measuring optimism. This is the new normal as the economy drags along and jobs that fit qualifications become harder to find. We are losing a generation as college graduates can’t find meaningful work. Over 8 million Americans have stopped looking for work. All of this results in a climate where mental illness grows like weeds.

The leaders of this country who try to sell us that gun regulation will stop mass violence are responsible for the root cause of mass violence. They are incapable of getting the economic engine of this country to go back to past levels.

The more we see mentally unstable people get worse as their hopes grow dimmer, the more violence we will see. It’s a numbers game.

Couple this with the greater violence people see on TV, in the movies, and on video games, the type of violence escalates. More sick people, and sicker and sicker versions of what was once called entertainment, the worse the acts become.

If we want to see this stop, we need a better economy and someone to take on Hollywood and the entertainment industry. It seems like depression and suicide now merge with violence. No longer is it good enough to take your own life, you need to leave behind some legacy. Have the whole country remember you for days and weeks and years, take innocent people out with you when you go. Depression and anger coming together.

If the economy gets better and people see hope there will be less mass violence.

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