Tragedy in Newtown

December/17/2012 7:26AM
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I was almost physically sick when I heard the news. I still can’t stop thinking about the terror those poor children experienced as they died at the hands of a sick adult.

And  now I can’t watch the news on  TV because the media believes I need to experience it  over and over again. They think I need to know every detail about the tragedy. Worse yet, every politician, Republican and Democrat, will crawl out of each of their dark corner and tell me what they can do to prevent the next Newtown massacre. If you still haven’t acknowledged why our elected leaders earn their 15% approval rating, just watch their behavior carefully in this situation. They can’t find a camera and microphone quick enough. Then, they tell you then have an answer for this, and will be doing something to insure it won’t happen again. H.H. Mencken once said, and I paraphrase, not quote, “for every problem there is a solution, rational, logical, concise, and ……………….wrong.” Unfortunately, for this situation there is no answer. No one can predict when the next mind in America will snap. Once snapped, no one can prevent that person who possesses that loose cannon from wreaking his/her havoc. No amount of security, no gun law, or no amount of government vigilance.

The worst political offender is Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He got in front of the cameras quickly. He didn’t just suggest he has the solution, he said he knows. You see, in his city more young people are killed weekly than the number of kids who died in Newtown. He doesn’t have a solution for that, it keeps getting worse, but that doesn’t deter his arrogance.

I don’t want to see the pictures of the young children who died. The media will show them to all who they believe need to see them. I don’t want to know what experts believe caused the killer to act. The experts don’t know. I don’t want to see the suffering families. I certainly don’t want to watch the fawning politicians tell me how they can’t fix this. You see, I believe the media and the entertainment industry is the number one culprit in all this. It isn’t the guns and the security, it’s the gratuitous violence we see daily on the nightly news, at the theater, on TV, and what the kids get who are so-called gamers. It’s 7 days of Newtown, 24/7. The fiscal cliff moves to  the back. Violence sells, so we must endure hours of violence or go dark or watch sports.

Parents who don’t want their kids to be exposed to this for fear they won’t go to school tomorrow or sleep tonight must monitor the TV like hawks.

If you want to avoid what you know is coming, go dark. It’s coming and it will keep coming until the ratings tell them it’s over. Then they will go dark and it will be like it never happened. Unless you feel you need to suffer hourly, daily and weekly, just try to tune out. It won’t help those who were senselessly killed, it won’t bring them back, it won’t help the grieving families or the community, and it sure as hell won’t help you. You can’t feel guilt over this. Only sorrow. Most of us get enough sorrow in our lives without taking on the grief we don’t own. Or taking advice about avoiding this in the future from fools who have no clue.

For me, I’m going with what I need to know. Another tragedy occurred in this country. The worst yet. Innocent children were gunned down at school by a very sick young man who also killed his mother. Even worse yet, it will happen again. Hopefully, not with young children, but something like it will happen again. And, the way these are escalating, probably sooner rather than later. That’s the hard reality and no amount of watching the news from Newtown will change that. But,  the volume of news coming out of Newtown might make it happen sooner and every more tragically. There  is some connection. A bigger connection than guns or security.

Watch this video:…/huckabee-where-was-god/

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