Second Week Break Results

December/02/2012 22:19PM
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Back from week two of blog break. No front page news to report this week. Flew to Phoenix on Monday, met a friend(Bob from Pasadena, Ca) at the airport, got my Arizona house up and running, and Bob and I played gin rummy, watched Monday night football, and had a cigar in the jacuzzi.

I played five rounds of golf with 7 different friends.

Bob and I took a ninety year old lady to dinner. She was a contributor to the humane society and we wanted to thank her for her generosity. What a charming lady.

I taught a friend to ride my segway.

The weather was perfect, and, except when one of the golfers brought it up, I never thought once about the election or the direction of the country.

On  the plane ride on the way home, I thought about it a lot. I resolved myself to the reality that America has spoken. I live in a state where my vote doesn’t count(Illinois).  This president and most future president’s will be elected by the east coast and the west coast of this country.  Everyone in between is like me, their vote doesn’t count.

The Republicans in Washington are behaving like fools. They need to do that to get reelected in the states where their votes do count. In place where the majority of the voters want reasonable government. But,  in reality, they just need to let Obama have his way. As I have said before, let the man own something for once. Let him have his budget and all that comes with that budget. Step aside and don’t set yourselves up for any share of the blame.

The east and west coasts( and, Illinois) are like substance abusers. Until they hit bottom, they will continue to spend until the money is all gone. All gone. It’s  the holiday season, let them spend, let them spend, let them spend.

The majority of the country is like the audience in a tragedy. We can only watch as the tragedy unfolds.

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