Twinkies Will Live but 18,500 will Join the Unemployment Army

November/18/2012 16:00PM
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Don’t worry Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and the other well-known Hostess brands will live on. But, 18,500 employees will join the unemployment ranks. Very sad.

There’s surplus capacity in this business and whoever buys the brands will simply make the products in their existing plants with their current employees.

The head of the union said, “we won.” Good for him. Not so good for the economy.

I’m sure most of the union force strongly supported President Obama. He will now support them.

Maybe they can find work at the US Post Office which announced record losses and will soon run out of money creating another fiscal cliff.

Or, in Illinois, where the governor wants to borrow another few billion to cover unpaid bills. The state pension fund cost will go up a billion dollars over last year and is out of money.  But, the state approved a high-speed rail project from Chicago to St. Louis, again funded by tax dollar from Washington and a state that can’t pay bills. There will jobs here, but not for bakers from Hostess.

Guess insanity is the order of the day.

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