The Hurricane and the Hype

November/03/2012 16:22PM
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I have been a fan of Chris Christie. Until I saw him this week panhandling like a bum outside the Newark Bus Station. Begging President Obama for crumbs. Praising him for answering his phone calls. Tagging around with him on photo ops. If you will notice as the photo tour went on Christie had a sickly look on his face. It finally dawned on him that he was giving Obama millions in free campaign advertising just before the election. All those big political aspirations for the big man, gone. The keynote speaker at the Republican Convention who spent his podium time telling us how great he was now eating dirt with a president who will be eating dirt next Wednesday as the sun rises. Goodbye, Governor Christie, we thought you had such promise.

The media also looking at a dirt diet next week could not have asked for more. They crammed every inch of space and every minute of air time with Obama and Christie, especially Christie telling the media about all the help he got from Obama.

I’ve got a flash for the media, Christie, and all of you. It’s your money that will help New Jersey, not Obama’s. More specifically, it’s your kids’ and grand kids’ money. Since Obama is broke and has to print or borrow money to give to Christie, it’s yours either way. If he borrows it from China, your kids pay it back. Obama isn’t going to cut expenses to cover his help to Christie. If it’s printed it shows up on your grocery bill in the form of inflation. More dollars in circulation mean less value in yesterday’s dollars. More of those dollars you had in your checking account to buy milk next week.

I’m really sick of politicians wading into crowds at natural disasters and telling distraught people they will fix their problems. Just remember every time you see that, who is on the other end of those promises. Your kids and grand kids. The nation’s checkbook is empty. Paying off the flood insurance on Sandy will tap that out in months. No cuts will be made to offset these promises. Hence, it will come from more debt or more dollars in circulation. Heads you win, tails you lose.

Funny isn’t it. No one ever asks where the money will come from to cover the promises. Cristie knows. It will come from the other 49 states. Not from his depleted budget.

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