Taking a Break

November/21/2012 17:06PM
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It’s been a busy year. Four months in Arizona to start the year. A brutally hot summer in Illinois followed by a great fall. A few days in Arizona, and back for cold weather golf. Off to Florida for a week celebrating Thanksgiving with 23 members of my extended family. Back for a day and off to Scottsdale for a week of golf with the guys. Then home again to experience some snow and enjoy Christmas with the family.

I’ve posted 150 rounds of golf with another 10 to go before I put the sticks away.

I’ve worked out over 120 times with my two personal trainers. I’m estimating I’ve walked 1,200 miles. In the desert in Arizona and in the neighborhood park in Illinois. I listen to books on CD’s while I walk and I’ve gone through 100 books.

My part-time job managing the family LLC has produced excellent results YTD. If Washington doesn’t wipe that out in the next 45 days, the investors will be happy.

Add writing this blog every day and I’m tired. It’s time to take a break and enjoy my next two weeks in Florida and Arizona. Time to recharge the batteries and clear the mind.

To those of you who encouraged me to keep the blog going, I heard you and thank you for your support. My intention is to come back refreshed and improved.

Don’t lose the address while I’m gone.

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