Taking a Break Week One

November/24/2012 18:32PM
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Here are some of the highlights of my first break week from the blog.

If you go to this link, you will see the front page article in the St. Augustine paper about my family’s stay in St. Augustine.


Family spans the country, but St. Augustine brings them together

…positive turn of fortune, Robertson decided he was going…concerted effort to get his family together at least one…all still together,” Robertson said.With representatives…23 members of the family are in St. Augustine…The reunion centers on Robertson and his siblings, Bruce…

This link takes you to the first page article in the Daytona Beach News.


Last year I participated in the 5K five weeks after knee replacement surgery. I finished but it was pretty slow and painful. After a year of hard work, I did better this year.

Two things. This just shows that the longer you live, the easier it gets to beat your peers. And, no one is to tell my surgeon I was running, which is not allowed with my type of surgery.

One other highlight. My 10 year old grandson, Tyler, participated in the three day golf tournament with the family for the first time. He won going away. No one expected much from a 10 year old who hasn’t played a lot of golf. He showed he’s a natural athlete and inherited the family trait of loving competition.

I guess it hasn’t been much of a break for the first week.

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