Congratulations President Romney

November/06/2012 16:30PM
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Despite a primary where people like Newt Gingrich attacked you. He, by the way, is still soliciting money. Guess he’s still running. Despite the millions in negative  campaign ads Obama threw your way. Despite the millions in free help Obama received from his ever-loving media. And, finally, despite the special favor Chris Christie gave Obama in the 11th hour, you prevailed.

You looked presidential throughout all this. Obama, on the other hand, lost whatever cool he had. The stress of running out the clock on Benghazi had to be part of that. It’ll all come out now, like Watergate did for Nixon. Obama took on the appearance of a bully in the schoolyard who got whipped by a tough little guy. Spewing bull**** as a descriptor for you and calling a presidential election an act of revenge.

I’m writing this at 3:30 PM(CST) on election eve. I’m putting it on automatic publishing for tomorrow at 4:30PM(CST).  I feel that good about this election.

If I’m right, it will be because a majority of Americans are energized. Those of us who can’t buy the “give me more time” speech. You see, all we’ve gotten is speeches. Speeches and big ideas that don’t work, like a stimulus bill. And, we’re worried about how much worse things could be with you as our leader.

And, you’ve made a lot of enemies. Like the churches, the Jews, the military, the Wall Streeters who helped you last time, the white-collar GM retirees who you stiffed, doctors, most of the military, and even the smarter young people with degrees and a big student loan and no job. Not to mention my generation who are being told by our doctors they are not taking any new Medicare patients next year when your 13% cut kicks in.

Suddenly, I have little to blog about for tomorrow. My crusade is over. Whatever little bit 1,200 blog entries had to do with this day it is enough.

Just don’t steal the good China on your way out the door, you’ve taken enough from we taxpayers.

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