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November/09/2012 16:35PM
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It’s supply and demand. Superstorm Sandy is an example of how it works. The unfortunate people who were hit by this tragedy need everything. Housing, food, electricity, gasoline, heat, and water. The government wants to provide all that. But the demand is too great. Mayors, governors, Directors of Homeland Security, and a re-elected President ,who made a cameo appearance, are high-fiving over their performance. While people wait for delivery of the restoration of their shattered lives with lists too long to ever fulfill.

Thirty million Americans eagerly await free medical coverage in 2014. Think about that in terms of Sandy. The government won’t be able to deliver. Plus, all who now have coverage will find it harder to get access to doctors.

Free stuff gets votes. But, someone must pay for those freebies. As demand for freebies go up, stress is put on the available sources that must pay for the freebies. See Greece. See California.

If the pie isn’t getting bigger via a growing economy, the pieces being removed to provide free stuff get smaller and smaller. Right now we are borrowing pie from China to pass out for votes.

Pie bakers grow weary of baking pie to give away and run out of pie to feed their families.

Buying  votes with free pie only works until the pie runs out. When that happens and the masses are told their is no pie left, they get angry. They don’t know how to bake pie anymore.Or, if they do, they are too lazy to bake.   They have become totally dependent on the government for pie. They revolt.

This is the end result of buying more and more votes with free stuff.

Any correlation between this fable and the recent election is pure coincendence.

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