Wisconsin May Determine the Presidential Election

October/30/2012 16:51PM
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All eyes are on Ohio where polls show the vote is deadlocked 49 to 49. Momentum is on Romney’s side here, but Obama folks have gotten out the early voters.

But, Romney can win without Ohio, which must worry Obama a lot. If Romney wins Colorado, which is leaning his way, New Hampshire, again his way, and Virgina, it really gets down to Wisconsin.

The polls show this is tightening and leaning to Romney. Polls in Florida, at least those I trust, show Romney up by 5 points. With 98% decided in Ohio and the numbers 49% to 49%, those 1% may go to Romney with his momentum.

For insurance, get your friends in Wisconsin to put the cheese head on the head and trot on down to the polling place and cast that vote for Romney. The Packers would want them to do that.


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