Tesla and Big Bird

October/15/2012 16:29PM
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If Tesla, the luxury electric car start-up went broke before the election it would do big damage to Obama. Obama has passed out $70 billion in bad investments to companies like Solyndra and Tesla. Like Romney said in the debate, Obama only picks losers. Tesla is a loser. But, guess what the Obama folks did. Modified the loan terms to Tesla. Tesla has a cash problem and can’t make loan payment.

Obama gives $400 million to Big Bird every year. Big Bird doesn’t need the money, making  millions every year. But the parent, NPR, loses money pimping liberal causes. If NPR went away, taking the moderator for the Obama/Romney debate Jim Leher, with it, some other channel would pick up Big Bird and pay big bucks to get the franchise. Even run it without commercials for the licensing fees. Do you think the federal government should be in the broadcasting business?

Or, financing money losing luxury car start-ups.

Big Bird became the theme for an Obama political commercial. Until Big Bird made Obama stop using him. Big Bird didn’t want the public to know he was a billionaire.

Obama has nothing else to use in his attack ads.By using the bird he gives voters the bird. Saying, yes, I will keep borrowing money from China to fund my private propaganda machine, NPR and I will keep picking losers like Tesla blowing your hard-earned tax dollars.

I’m incompetent and unrepentant and you are too stupid to notice. Buy some more Hope and Change.


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