Only Two Election Issues Mean Anything

October/02/2012 15:15PM
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First, and foremost, the economy. The jobs issue, the debt, and the deficit. We are fast becoming Greece, California, and Illinois. All have one thing in common. Spending more than revenue. Obama has only one solution. Tax the rich. That would only be a trickle in a stream. Promise after promise has been made by this president to improve this over the past four years. His result has been to keep spending more. If spending is not curtailed our credit rating will keep dropping. Every American now owes $63,000 toward our debt. We are like a household that takes in $50,000 a year and spends $75,000. Soon the house will be lost and the family will be homeless. Taxing the rich will bring in $5,000 to that household. That will not change the outcome for the family. Most of the rest of Obama’s plan is to keep giving more food stamps, cell phones, and other entitlements.

The second issue is the tinderbox that is the Middle East. If they draw us into another war, we will simply go broke faster. Not to mention face a selective service for a non-volunteer army.

That’s it. Pick the person who can fix these two problems. Reagan did it in 1981. Other red state governors are doing it. Progressive governors in Illinois, California, and New York are digging those states in deeper, and hoping for federal help.

Talk is cheap. Emotion should be set aside. This is a critical election. Rahm Emanuel settled the teacher’s strike in Illinois, but he has no answer for the $1 billion in pensions that must be paid by 2014 with no money available. Property tax increases are the only solution.

The fiscal cliff does not only exist in Washington, but exists in states, cities, and counties. Blue states are facing it faster. States where Obama is a lock. Those leaders all share the same position on these problems. Push it down the road. A fair shake means more food stamps, more cell phones, and more entitlements. Solutions are always more taxes for over taxed individuals and businesses.

Four more years of deficits and debt increases will put us right where Greece is right now. Rioting in the streets.

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