Obama Leads in California Polls by 22%

October/18/2012 16:11PM
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What does a vote for Obama mean to America?

Just look at California. Voters there favor Obama by 22% in the most recent polls. Why?

If you have to ask, you’re not paying attention. California has become what Obama wants America to be, broke.

Businesses are moving out. Gasoline is $6 a gallon. Wealthy people who pay most of the taxes are leaving. Those seeking the biggest windfalls on entitlements are moving in. Mexico is extending north and California is becoming Mexico.

California is half off the fiscal cliff. Democrats who run the state have no clue how to fix the California fiscal crisis. Ultimately, they are looking for help from Obama. Income redistribution from the red states to bail them out.

Common sense says, we don’t want to become like California. But, common sense does not abound with Obama. He believes it can’t happen in eight years. He will be gone when it happens.

If California thinks Washington will bail them out, who does Washington think will bail America out when Obama is done? China?

California is using the Obama plan. Expand from the middle out. Tax the rich and anything else that moves, including businesses and dole it out to the “middle class”. Spend everything you have and then some to promote education, the unions, illegal immigrants, and the big voting blocs to stay in office. The hell with budgets and fiscal responsibility. Give that middle class that much needed break. But, it isn’t going to the middle class. It’s going to non-productive members of the public. The middle class is getting hit hard, with gasoline prices, utility bills, grocery bills, sales taxes, property taxes, etc. The middle class in falling into the non-productive class as jobs dry up. The only things growing in California are the government and the poor who depend on government.

If you want to become California, vote for the man they so strongly support, Obama. By the way Illinois and New York are almost as strong for Obama. See any similarities between them and California?

If Obama is reelected the big loser states will make that happen. Pretty sad, eh?

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