Where Do You Stand on Foreign Aid to Libya?

September/21/2012 16:19PM
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Let’s borrow more money from China and give it to Libya, Egypt, and Pakistan. Good idea, right?

Rand Paul(R) Senator from Kentucky say’s no.

A poll say’s 59% of American’s agree with Senator Paul.

An attack on US soil, yes the embassy is legally US soil, killed 4 Americans. Libyans took to the streets burning American flags and telling us they hate us.

Senator Paul has conditions. With Libya, no money until the murderers are delivered to justice. To Egypt, they must prove that they are willing and able to protect our embassy, and ,to Pakistan, no money until the doctor who helped get bin Laden is freed.

The ever polite and classy Harry Reid says Paul should have run for Secretary of State if he want’s the job.

The side favoring continued aid, and maybe even increasing aid, claim the governments of Libya and Egypt had noting to do with the problems there. And, of course, to promote democracy in these countries, we must give them our help and support. Lindsay Graham, the wanna be Democrat, sides with the Democrats. He says the radical Islamists know they can’t survive if we stay in the region.

The surge troops are coming home from Afghanistan leaving 60,000 troops to fight the Taliban and the Afghan military that are shooting them. (over 50, so far) How’s that for staying in the region, spending billions, losing 3,000 young Americans and getting no where?

Can we really buy friends? Can we really afford to keep trying?

Tough questions. Weigh them against a $16 trillion debt, Medicare going broke, and Social Security next. Where are our priorities?

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