United States of Obama

September/25/2012 16:43PM
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Just when you thought our president couldn’t be any more narcissistic, he introduced his new brand. A revision of our United States flag, designed to be his flag.

Last week you could buy this on the Obama campaign web site. But, I guess a lot of people took offense to the idea. It’s no longer available. Sorry, if you didn’t get your order in on time.

In addition to hawking flags, the president took today as an opportunity to appear on the View, once again. All the world’s leaders are at the United Nations,  but the president didn’t see fit to meet with any of them. Of course, all the problems around the world are just a “bump in the road” according to Obama’s interview on Sixty Minutes last Sunday.

The clown act fits well on the View. The flag goes well with the clown. The clown is immune to criticism regardless of the merit.

How much can you take?


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