The Biggest Obama Fairy Tale

September/07/2012 16:54PM
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In his speech at the DNC Obama promised this: he will create one million new manufacturing jobs by 2015. No explanation, no plan, just a trust me statement. If you believe this, then you are like this young lady.

She kissed the frog and what did she get. No prince. Just all the germs of fools who had come before and kissed the same frog.

Why can’t Obama turn the frog into a price for the millions of Americans who so desperately need a million more new manufacturing jobs?

The truth is no fairy tale. Because he will tax manufacturers more. It’s his truth and he isn’t denying this. Because he will regulate business more. His track record is plain. Because he will raise energy costs making manufacturing less competitive. Because he will raise health benefits to business making them less inclined to grow. That’s what he does. That’s what he plans to continue to do.

If you believe he can create a million new manufacturing jobs, you need to join the lady in the picture and kiss the frog. You still believe in fairy tales.

Comment from Doug Gordon:

I guess I have to disagree on one point.  Just as happened to defined benefit pensions versus the 401(k) “everybody saves for their own retirement”, I believe the following will happen.  In the case of business health care costs, this will go down.  Because, just as in the Massachusetts plan, the cost to the business to pay the fine and throw all their employees into the “exchanges” pool is a LOT less than actually continuing to offer their own health insurance.  This is the real lie in Obamacare, that it is NOT a government take over of insurance and you can keep your current doctor/insurance plan.  Since the vast majority of Americans are covered through their work, when more and more businesses pay the fine to save money, the vast majority of Americans will be at the mercy of the exchanges, with whatever plan they can find and whatever doctor(s?) might accept it. Obamacare – Change you can be befuddled by.


Point taken, Doug. No question HR departments all over America can ‘t wait to get out of the health insurance business.

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