Rabid Pekingese Speaks for Democrats

September/10/2012 16:56PM
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I can’t look at Elizabeth Warren without thinking of a rabid Pekingese. See if you get a resemblance.

First, here’s Elizabeth Warren. Now, the rabid Pekingese.

Confused? The rabid dog is wearing the glasses.

Like Sandra Fluke’s speech at the DNC, the Warren speech left me clueless. She told me the game is rigged. But, she never told me why.

She did say one thing  I do agree with her about. She said: ” The middle class is being kicked, squeezed, and hammered.”

She said that is happening because “oil companies guzzle down billions in subsidies, billionaires pay lower tax rates than their secretaries, and Wall Street CEO’s still strut around Congress, no shame, demanding favors and acting like we should thank them.”

I have never in my entire life, all 70 plus years of it, felt that the system was rigged. How could I feel that way?

I came from very humble beginnings. I was the first in all my family to graduate from college. I was taught that I could achieve whatever I set out to accomplish if I worked hard enough. I believed that.

By the rabid Pekingnese’s standards, I’m the problem.  Through hard work, I became successful. I had a 34 year career with an oil company. I guess I’m rigging the system.

If my parents had told me the system was rigged and I had to depend on the likes of Elizabeth and Barack Obama to get me through life, I can’t imagine what my life might have been like.

Why do these people hate this country so much? I’m financing some of those 40 million people Obama has on food stamps. I paid my share of the Solyndra fiasco. I chipped in for the stimulus bill, money sent to bail out states and cronies of Obama and Warren. Why don’t I get angry and call the system rigged?

Because I believe in this country. I believe it’s OK to succeed and OK to fail. If you choose not to work and choose to accept less from this great land, it’s  your choice. Just don’t whine about it. If you’re not working and about to starve, I’m willing to pay to keep you from starving. Just don’t blame me because you choose not to work. And, don’t buy into the rabid Pekingese’s claim. Don’t let her put your kids on your path. Don’t use her as your excuse because you failed in life. Use me.

I probably started with less than those Warren is speaking to.  No one gave me anything. Especially not the government. The government made me participate in ROTC for two years in college since that was the deal. The government took money out of my meager checks when I was 14 and still takes a chunk of my self-earned retirement money every year.

In some respects the system is rigged. We all pay too much for gasoline and utilities because the government wants it that way. Our taxes go up too much because local unions get too much for too little in exchange for votes. There are fewer good paying jobs today because the present government has put too many regulations on business. Things could be better if the rabid Pekingese wasn’t the shining example of the current president. They both need to go back to one my alma mater’s , Harvard, and teach again. Those kids believe this crap.

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