Lovie Smith and President Obama

September/22/2012 16:50PM
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Last week the Chicago Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers. The Chicago sports media has been unmerciful to the Bear’s quarterback, Jay Cutler. They have called him petulant and not a good teammate. See, Jay went after his huge tackle Webb after Webb whiffed again on a block and Cutler got sacked. Cutler got in Webb’s face and actually bumped him.

There was no blame for Webb who has been an abject failure for two years now. No blame for the offensive coordinator, Mike Tice, who was fired from the Vikings as head coach, was offensive line coach before getting his job and had the worst offensive line in the NFL. Nor, for head coach Lovie Smith, who hired Tice and promoted him to offensive coordinator.

I’m from the world of business. There, the head coach gets the heat. If he fails, he can’t blame his people.  It’s the head coach’s job to hire and promote the best people. He’s where the buck stops. In Chicago, Lovie has gotten a pass for years. He has never put a competitive offense on the field in his tenure. He has gone through numerous quarterbacks and offensive coordinators with zero success.

It’s a sign of the times folks. President Obama has performed worse than Lovie Smith in his four years in office. Not much is going right. Yet, the country may give him four more years. Why, we accept his excuses. It’s not his fault. It’s Bush, Congress, the European economy, or some one else who is making this mess.

He said this week, you can’t change Washington from the inside. Whoa. Who had two years of a majority in both houses of congress?

If the Bears ever want to go back to the Super Bowl, they need a new head coach. If the country ever want’s to get back to  prosperity, we need a new president. Simple as that.

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