Libyian Embassy Attack Spinning Out of Control

September/18/2012 16:17PM
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Here we go again. It’s Fast and Furious all over again. Can’t the Obama administration just stand up and tell us the truth?

Most of us are very steeped in common sense. If the  Attorney General will take a contempt of congress citation before he will release documents of Fast and Furious, he’s hiding something in those documents.

Now I’m supposed to believe that common Libyan citizens protesting an obscure movie that was critical of Islamic beliefs brought heavy weapons to the protest, had trained operatives who could use mortars and sophisticated weaponry, and could find a so-called safe house. Sure, even when the interim President of Libya now says it was a planned terrorist attack to coincide with  the anniversary of September 11th.

It’s very sad that 4 patriotic Americans died in the service of our country.

It’s bad that a terrorist group could attack our embassy and kill American citizens.

But, it’s even sadder that all Americans are being told tall tales about the attack.

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