Illinois Loses a New Plant

September/13/2012 16:28PM
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Orascom Construction Industries is building a new fertilizer plant in the Midwest. They narrowed it down to Iowa and Illinois. It’s a $1.4 billion plant that will create hundreds of jobs. Illinois offered a bigger package. Illinois lost. Why? Corruption in Illinois.

How many Illinois politicians in addition to our president did the DNC parade before the podium at the convention? You can listen to them or you can listen to the businessman who rejected Illinois, land of imprisoned governors. You want more Illinois and more Chicago in Washington?

This is where the rubber meets the road. This takes all the soaring rhetoric out of the equation. This is the real world talking to us, not Barack Obama. Illinois can’t be trusted.

First, using public money to lure a business is bad business. Especially if the state is broke.

But, the truth lies is all the bribes that this company would have to pay to get the plant built. Isn’t that sad in this day and age?

This business leader looked the leaders of Iowa and Illinois in the eye and believed what he heard from Iowa and rejected what he heard from Illinois.

All I can say is that he’s smarter than over half the people in this country and most of the people in Illinois who keep electing future convicts.


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