GM(Government Motors) Losing $49,000 on Each Volt Sold

September/16/2012 16:20PM
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According to Reuters GM is losing $49,000 on each Volt sold. This excludes the $7,500 you pay the buyer with your tax dollars. Or, in states like Colorada where they give an additionsl $6,000 tax incentive. The ObamaMobile is a bust. It’s Solyndra all over again. It’s the Post Office, Amtrak, Freddie, Fannie, the FHA and all the rest the government touches. It cost $1.2 billion to develop this car. In the end, you paid for that too.

GM cleaned out dealer invetories by offering a give-away lease. That will cost you too, since it will depress the GM stock further below the $50 a share price the government needs to break even.

Sales have been less than brisk, 13,500 since the roll-out.

Never fear. The government just announced they will purchase 1,500 Volts.

Will health care be run the same way?

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