When is a Waiver for Work to get Welfare not a Waiver?

August/15/2012 16:10PM
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Obama contends Romney is running a political ad accusing Obama of gutting welfare reform. The Clinton law that virtually wiped out welfare. Here’s the Obama response. Verbatim.

Mitt Romney’s campaign continued to attack President Barack Obama over welfare reform with the release of a new ad on Monday, once again falsely stating that the president dropped work requirements from welfare.

The ad, titled “Long History,” is the second ad from the Romney campaign to claim that Obama has “gutted” welfare. (click to see ad)The campaign’s previous ad on welfare, released just last week, was widely criticized as inaccurate and debunked by numerous fact checkers.

The Obama administration announced in July that states could seek waivers from certain welfare rules, but in doing so they would have to provide ideas for projects and initiatives that would do a better job of increasing employment among welfare recipients. Furthermore, the Obama administration has made it clear that it would not drop requirements for states that failed to promise better work outcomes.

Yet in the new ad, the narrator states, “On July 12th, Obama quietly ended work requirements for welfare. You wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job.”

Read his requirements carefully. States must provide ideas and promise better work outcomes. Give me a break. This is like Hope and Change. Promise everything and deliver nothing and poof, welfare is back despite a law that says it can’t come back.

This is the waiver president. He grants waivers for every law on the books that he doesn’t like or ones that could cost/get votes.

Waivers for things in ObamaCare that are unworkable, waivers for following the law on illegal aliens, waivers for whatever the EPA wants to do, waivers on offshore drilling despite a court saying it was illegal.

Let’s look at states like California. Here’s their idea on the work requirement for welfare. Look, Obama, give us the waiver and more Democrats will be elected in November. Or, New York, give us the waiver and we promise we will do what California promised. There you have it, an idea and a promise and no more work requirements for welfare. Watch which states get waivers.

Never mind the law says you can’t grant waivers for work requirements.

Obama is indignant over this ad, what would he be saying if Romney accused him of causing someone’s death from cancer like Obama is doing to Romney?

Obama lies in his ads and lies about the content of Romeny’s ads. At least he’s consistent, we know he is a practiced liar.

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