Outsourcing is Not All Bad

August/11/2012 16:26PM
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Here’s the scorecard. The total on the right is incomplete. Before the final tally it is highly likely the entire $50 billion Obama and his DOE, PHD, Dr. Chu, passed out to the likes of Solyndra will all be lost. A battery company is being sold to the Chinese at a fire sale.

Speaking of outsourcing, perhaps Obama might pay just a little attention to the US Post Office, which announced a $5 billion loss for the last quarter. The entire post office needs to be outsourced.

This, I know for sure. If Obama and Chu ran Bain Capital, it would be long gone. Into Chapter 11.

Obama has two singular talents, campaigning and public speaking. Neither will solve the economic problems facing this country. It’s time to get real and look at the facts.

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