Obama’s Tax Return Offer to Romney

August/22/2012 16:26PM
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The White House made a big splash about offering Romney amnesty on tax returns if he would release 5 years of returns. Romney spokespersons said politely, no thanks.

Obama wants to play let’s make a deal with Romney, and he does because it takes away some of the instant momentum Ryan has brought to the campaign. It’s pretty easy to compare the number two men on the tickets. Biden is brainless as he proved once again this week. Ryan is drawing bigger crowds than Obama and speaking in facts, mostly off the teleprompter. Obama is speaking in rants and talking about the rich for the most part. As if  that’s all the problems we face.

Here’s my deal from Romney back to Obama. Give us your college transcripts that you spent thousands of dollars to seal, and I’ll give you  my tax returns. George W. Bush was blasted over his average grades at Yale. I’m not a birther, but it seems just as fair to see what great grades Obama had that got him into Harvard Law School. And, who paid for his education.

Truthfully, neither tax returns nor grades should mean anything in this election. Since they are equally unimportant let’s get them both on the table. If you were hiring Obama to be president you would insist on seeing his grades. If you were hiring Romney, you would trust the IRS to make sure he pays his taxes? If he hasn’t paid taxes, don’t you think Obama would have brought the IRS down on him by now?

No, this election is about fixing a broken country. One of the candidates had a lot to do with breaking that country. The one who wants you to care about trivia not a broken country.

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