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July/14/2012 16:47PM
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I’ve been blogging for four years. I started blogging because I believed my grand kids would be the first generation in this country to have a lower standard of living than their parents. The absolute lack of common sense in Washington was going to make that happen.

Most people, when I started my first blog, Grandparents of America Awaken, at billrobertson@squarespace.com, laughed when I would pose that possibility. Now you hear it every day. I thought blogging might be a way to get more people concerned about the direction our country was taking.

I would listen to friends and family carp about things, but it was unorganized and general. I wanted to sell my position with facts. Blogging forced me to read and get facts and organize my thoughts. I speak to hundreds of people every day with new readers coming every day. It’s more effective than talking with like-minded people around a lunch table.

I have seen it get worse since I started blogging. Scary bad.

The base for my thoughts about the country were mostly centered around energy. I spent 34 years in that business. I watched while special interest groups prevented us from doing wise things in the energy business. I never thought I would see the day when the energy industry, one of the most hated industries in the country, would find a way to fix many of those problems despite the government. Yesterday’s blog showed those benefits.

I am cautiously optimistic that the strides made in energy show this country can overcome government incompetence. That the damage done by special interest groups is becoming more apparent to the average American. The Wisconsin vote added to that optimism.

But, I don’t believe the country can tolerate four more years of Barack Obama. Hence, I will continue to blog until the day comes that Obama and all the stands for is gone.

If, I pray, that happens in November, I will hang it up.

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