US Economy Shows Signs of Decline

July/23/2012 16:14PM
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Here are the sad statistics about what is happening to our economy, while the career campaigner stumps around the country talking about outsourcing and tax returns. Or, blaming the world for the  problems he’s created.

Retail sales have fallen three months in a row, the 2012 manufacturing index fell to it’s lowest level in June since July 2009, and investment, the barometer of future growth, is 3.5%(percent of GDP) in the first quarter. It was 14% in the late 90’s.

This all indicates the trend for the economy is going negative. For all of us who have friends, neighbors, and family members who are struggling, this is not a good sign.

With Obama, it’s not just failed policies that keep the country going down, it’s his arrogant refusal to change direction, to show up and try to make things work, and the endless finger pointing.

These statistics mean more than all the blather you see on network news about the November election. The economy will get worse between now and November. It can’t get better with people buying less, producers producing less, and investment in productivity and new jobs shrinking.

If the economy keeps getting worse, Obama can’t be reelected.

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