The Dogs Won’t Eat the Dog Food

July/10/2012 16:08PM
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I’m a retired marketing guy. Early in anyone’s marketing education in my era you heard the story about the new dog food. It was a great product, the packaging was dynamite, the advertising was slick and effective, the initial sales went through the roof. But, the product failed. When the marketing people began contacting the retailers they were told, here’s the problem, “the dogs won’t eat the dog food. ”

Obama’s campaign strategy is becoming clear. Rich guys are bad. Romney is a rich guy, hence he’s bad. I want to extend the tax breaks to all Americans but the very rich. Romney is a rich guy, he will take care of the other rich guys.

That’s it. For a few million dollars in tax difference the election will be won or lost.

Obama has no intention of defending his record on the state of the country. He won’t discuss jobs, the lousy economy, the low growth rate, or any of the other messes he’s made.  It’s a desperate, pathetic move. It’s the 2012 version of Hope and Change.

He’s packaged it well, he’s spending millions advertising the product, and he’s all in on this giving him another term.

Will the dogs eat the dog food?

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