Michele Obama tells Kids What to Eat

July/19/2012 16:30PM
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Here’s the telling view of the world’s juvenile nutritional expert. The big gardener who wants to be the one who heads up the Bureau of Acceptable Foods for Kids.

Sorry Michele, no one in my family looks like an aircraft carrier moving away from the rear. Keep your garden and nutritional demands to yourself. Like everything else in government it’s all about you. But, we can’t expect you to practice what you preach. Hate to tell you this but your youngest is looking like she’s been answering the bell for the ice cream wagon that hits the White House.

And, you had the nerve to destroy the great relationship Barack had with Oprah over her weight issues. Take a long look in the mirror girl.

It all has the makings of Dr. Phil’s diet book to me. Charlie Sheen should write a book about how to cure sexual additions. Or, Madoff a book on investing.

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